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I love teaching and have teaching experience at the undergraduate level. Seeing students make connections with the real world as they learn about sociology and demography gives me joy.  At the moment, I am interested in adjunct/short term positions for Spring/Summer/Fall 2024 as I am focusing on my postdoctoral training. 

Spring 2021
SOC 243
"The Aged in Modern Society”

Adjunct Lecturer, Lehman College, CUNY, New York, US

● taught an online-synchronous course ● learning objectives included understanding why and how populations age and what this means for the family structure and the workforce ● centered the course on intersectionality, life course and cumulative advantage/disadvantage theoretical frameworks to understand and explain the social and economic inequalities that manifest in later-life ● prioritized and encouraged student participation by assigning weekly online debate questions (e.g. Do you think the age of the President of the US matters for governance? Tell us why.) ● connected the course subject to current problems such as ageism experienced by older adults during Covid-19 pandemic (e.g. refusal to admit older adults on oxygen tanks in order to give it to younger patients)

Spring 2018
SOC 319
“Population and Society”

Adjunct Lecturer, Lehman College, CUNY, New York, US

● designed a new syllabus ● learning objectives included understanding basic demographic concepts and their calculation, theoretical approaches to population studies and their empirical application ● prioritized student-led discussions to connect three major demographic processes (birth, immigration and death) to various fields of sociology such as sociology of family (e.g. couple formation, reproduction, union dissolution, immigrant families), sociology of health (e.g. healthcare access, caregiving, aging, mortality, disability) ● offered a national (U.S.) and international perspective on demographic changes and their sociological consequences (e.g. population aging in high-income countries, urbanization on low-income countries)

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